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The Libertarian Party Mises Caucus (LPMC) is a Super Political Action Committee (PAC) dedicated to the philosophy first introduced by Ludwig von Mises.

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The guiding principles of the Mises Caucus are:

1.  The Non-Aggression Principle - We do not initiate violence against peaceful people, and we do not support any government using violence to accomplish anything, no matter what.

2.  Private Property - A person who creates, exchanges or purchases any kind of property has the right to use, or dispose of it how they see fit.  The only thing that a person cannot do with private property, is use it to commit aggression against another person.

3. Culture - We have no position on culture, and we invite people from all walks of life, who share our vision of a cooperative peaceful society, to join us in our cause.

4. Anti-War - Wars and military interventions have killed millions of innocents, destroyed entire countries, and driven the US into huge debt.  We strongly oppose all of these interventions, regardless of the justification, and we will work towards a resolution of all current conflicts.

5. Anti-Prohibition - The Drug War has not ended the use of dangerous drugs in America, as evidenced by the massive number of users, overdose deaths, and violence stemming from the underground drug economy.  We support the ending of the State's use of police power to criminalize substances of all kinds, as was done with alcohol in the early 20th century.

6. Freedom of Expression - Humans have a diverse range of religious, and philosophical beliefs.  So long as a person is peaceful, we do not exclude anyone for these beliefs.

7. Anti-State - We believe that all government power is based on violence, and we seek to eliminate the role of the State in everything.  

8. Pro-Free Market - We support the Misesian point of view, that all human interactions should be free and voluntary, and we desire to reduce or eliminate the government's interference in any economic transaction.